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Our shop is very tiny and at the current time there is no indoor seating, but plenty of outside options and a nice canopy in case the weather gets wet.

Plenty of free parking in the back.

Still a fan of Social Distancing guidelines, we have configured the shop so that there is only enough room inside for one party at a time, please respect each others space.

Everything on the Menu is available, just come in, order and enjoy!

The Lil City Creamery interior

 Monday  nOON-7:00  

   Tuesday  Noon-7:00  

 Wednesday  nOON-7:00   Thursday  Noon-7:00  

   Friday  closed       

SATurday    11AM-7:00  

Sunday    11AM-7:00  


Pink Sugar
Mr Browns Park

Mr Brown's Park is located only steps away and offers lots of seating options

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 Lil City Creamery

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