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Ice Cream Pints


Farm Made Ice Cream From the Milk Of

Uber-Pampered Grass-Fed Jersey Cows

Blue Raspberry Cotton Candy Ice Cream

Pint - 9.75

Creamy and Delicious Cotton Candy flavor, but not overly sweet.

Butter Pecan Ice Cream

Pint - $9.75

Rich, Creamy and Perfectly Balanced.

Chocolate Thunder Ice Cream

Pint - 9.75

A Chocoholic's Dream. Deep, Dark and Decadent.

Milk Chocolate Ice Cream

Pint - 9.75

Yummy, Creamy and Delicious Chocolate.

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Ice Cream

Pint - 9.75

Rich Vanilla Ice Cream with lots of Chocolate Chips and Chunks of Cookie Dough. Always a Crowd Pleaser.

Cookies and Cream Ice Cream

Pint - 9.75

Creamy Vanilla Ice Cream with Oreo Cookie pieces.

Black Raspberry Chocolate Chip Ice Cream

Pint - $9.75

Rich, Creamy and Flavorful. A top 3 Flavor for the past couple years.

Coconut Ice Cream

Pint - 9.75

If you like Coconut, this is sure to please. Perfect balances and plenty of actual Coconut.

Pink Peppermint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream

Pint - 9.75

It's Pink, it's Peppermint, and it's Spectacular!

Salty Carmel Ice Cream

Pint - 9.75

Delicious, Creamy and a bit on the Saltier side. Mmmmm

Steam Oil Ice Cream

Pint - $9.75

Rich and Creamy Coffee Ice Cream with Chocolate and Green Caramel Swirls. Yum...

Berry Berry Strawberry

Pints - 9.75

Creamy and Delicious, An excellent choice.

Turtle Ice Cream

Pint - 9.75

Swiss Chocolate Ice Cream with Pecans and Caramel. Beyond Delicious.

        no actual turtles were harmed

Vanilla Ice Cream

Pint - $9.75

Creamy, Delicious and perfect for pairing.

No Sugar Added Black Raspberry Ice Cream

Pint - 9.75

The secret to serving, is to let it set out for 5 minutes before scooping. It makes scooping easier, and the softer texture of the Ice Cream enhances the flavor.

No Sugar Added Vanilla Ice Cream

Pint - 9.75

The secret to serving, is to let it set out for 5 minutes before scooping. It makes scooping easier, and the softer texture of the Ice Cream enhances the flavor.

Non Dairy - Mango Sorbet

Pint - 9.75

A Flavorful Non-Dairy option. Not overly sweet and very refreshing.

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Cookies, Brownies & Bars

Bakery Allergen Notice: All bakery products are made with shared equipment and may contain milk, eggs, peanuts and tree nuts.

Gluten Free, Honduran Chocolate Manifesto Brownie 4.25

Taste the "good" in every bite of our rich and fudgy certified Gluten-free Manifesto Brownies. Baked with only cage-free eggs, our own blend of gluten-free flour, sustainable chocolates and ingredients free of GMO's and artificial additives yet the star of these irresistible brownies is the purely dark Honduran chocolate mixed into every batch. Sourced from a small cocoa collective of women farmers, this chocolate supports the advancement of these women providing them with the skills, education

Chocolate Chunk Manifesto Cookie 4.25

Overflowing with intensely flavorful chunks and morsels of sustainable chocolates grown in the Peruvian Andes – milk, semisweet and dark coins – and an added crunch of savory pretzel bites. A brown butter, caramelized, chewy-crisped-edged wonder to shower your taste buds with amazement. Free of GMO’s, additives and artificial colors and made with only pure cane sugar and cage free eggs.

Gluten Free, Chewy Marshmallow w/ Brown Butter & Sea Salt Manifesto Bar 4.75

Homemade mini-marshmallows and marshmallow cream – both homemade, all-natural and GMO-free – get folded with gluten-free, crispy rice puffs. Just a touch of butter gets browned, but enough to bring up a subtle caramel note. A hint of sea salt makes it all come alive.

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