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Farm Made Ice Cream from the milk of uber-pampered Grass-Fed Jersey Cows

Brownie Sundae.jpg

Chilly Brrgrr

Scoop of Ice Cream between 2 Uncle Ralph's Chocolate Chip Cookies
Brownie Sundae.jpg

Brownie Sundae

Scoop of Ice Cream sitting on a Chocolate Chocolate Chip Brownie
Brownie Sundae.jpg

Shake Shake Shake

Three Scoops of Ice Cream Thick
Brownie Sundae.jpg

Espresso Float

Scoop of Ice Cream drowning in 2 shots of Italian Espresso
Brownie Sundae.jpg

Cup or Cone

Made on the Farm Ice Cream
Single - 3.75 Double - 5.75 waffle cone add .75
Brownie Sundae.jpg

Coffee Float

A scoop of Ice Cream swimming in Bold Mayorga Coffee
Brownie Sundae.jpg

Hot Cocoa Float

A scoop of Ice Cream floating in Ghirardelli Hot Cocoa

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