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uber-Pampered Grass-Fed Jersey Cow

Although a Jersey Cow’s udders yield significantly less than a Holsteins,the milk's luxurious character makes Superior Ice Cream. Produced in the creamery adjacent to the milking parlor, Woodside Farm's Ice Cream is more creamy-sweet than sugar-sweet. Low overrun, meaning only a minimal amount of air is added, creates such density that when the ice cream melts it resembles marshmallow sauce rather than milk. It contains about 15% butterfat (heavy cream is 36% butterfat), which gives it a wholesome dairy-farm richness seldom found in supermarket brands. And make no mistake, these Cows are happy.  In fact the goodness of their milk has a lot to do with their perpetual good mood, which is a result not only of the breeds naturally pleasant disposition but also of the pasture system where they are raised. It is not the most efficient way to keep cattle but Jim Mitchell makes his bovines contentment his top priority . “Cow comfort is important” he explains. “Happy cows mean good milk.”He doesn't hold back when he rhapsodizes about the virtues of his “Uber-Pampered Grass-Fed Jersey Cows", including their beguiling beauty.
Paraphrased from an interview by Jane and Michael Stern on NPR’s “the Splendid Table”

At Woodside Farm Creamery in Hockessin Delaware, Ice Cream is all about Jersey Cows. Jerseys are the brown Cows, Holsteins are the black and white Cows, and are favored for their milk production. A herd of 30 Jerseys is moved to a fresh field every day after their morning milking, giving them plush green grass to eat and allowing the previous day's fields of Clover,Alfalfa, Orchard and Rye grasses to flourish again.

Pampered Jersey Cow Ice Cream

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