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Toy Collection
Retro Toy Collection at Lil City Creamery

A couple of years ago, I was working behind the counter when a guy in his mid 30's come's in. He orders his Ice Cream, pays, and since it wasn't very busy, hangs out to chat and admire my "toy collection". Finally, he asks "what's the story with the toys?" I looked down dejectedly and responded "I have issues". "Buddy" he says, without missing a beat, "You don't just have issues, you bought the whole subscription!"

He may have a point...

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  • Writer's pictureJeff at Lil City

Walter J Google Review
Waltr J Review

Hi Walter, Yes, when we moved here 9 years ago, one of the prerequisites in our search was favorable parking, not just for us, but for all the businesses located in this little hub. Most all of the spots behind us and the Hot N Juicy are fair game. Our assigned spots are marked with burgundy and beige signage (think retro 'skins). I told someone a couple years ago- where ever there is something to see, hear, eat, drink or do, usually parking is a rarity. I have to say in the grand scheme of things, thanks to the City, the Landlords, the Businesses and the Patrons, the little system that's in place nbehind our shop, seems to be working...

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Since 1796
Woodside Farm Creamery


The ice cream at Woodside Farm Creamery in Hockessin comes in 25-plus divine flavors, like pink Peppermint Chip; Motor Oil, coffee with swirls of caramel and fudge and Dirt, a chocolate base with gummy worms in crushed Oreo "soil." The 221-year-old farm's Jersey cows produce milk high in butterfat, and Woodside's ice cream maestros whip minimal air into the mix. The result: a singularly rich treat.

By the way, this is the Ice Cream we Feature at Lil City Creamery. One of Oprah's "Yums" I call it. The Best Thing to Eat In Every State was a feature of the Oprah Winfrey show.

The article states "Vacation meals should be as glorious as your vacation. Our state-by-state guide is an invitation to savor the most delicious tastes near and far".

I'm always reminded how Truly Blessed we are.

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Steam Oil Coffee Ice Cream
Steam Oil Coffee Ice cream
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