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Sour Candy Gift Basket

Sour Candy Gift Box

  • Box of Sour Boogers

  • Cry Baby Tears Sour Candy

  • Jelly Belly Sours Jelly Beans

  • Skittles Candy Sour Flavors

  • Sour Patch Kids

  • Sour Patch Watermelons

  • Sour Punch Bites Pickle Roulette

  • Sour Punch Straws Strawberry

  • Sweetart Ropes

  • Toxic Waste Nuclear Fusion

  • Toxic Waste Sour Smog Balls

  • Warheads Sour! Taffy 2-1

At Lil City Creamery, we're thrilled to unveil our latest concoction that's sure to tantalize your taste buds and twist your face into the most delightful expressions of puckered pleasure. Introducing the "Sour Candy Gift Box," a carefully curated collection of the most exhilaratingly tart candies known to the sweet-toothed world. This unique gift box is perfect for those who revel in the thrilling tang of sour sweets, offering a journey through a landscape of lip-smacking, eye-watering delights that promise to challenge and satisfy in equal measure.

Leading the parade of piquant treasures is the infamous "Box of Sour Boogers," a playful and deliciously gross treat that's bound to be the talk of any gathering. These aren't your garden-variety candies; they're a daring dive into a sour experience that's as fun as it is flavorful.

Next up, "Cry Baby Tears Sour Candy," lives up to its name by delivering an intense sour kick that's not for the faint of heart. These little gems will test your mettle and reward your bravery with an unforgettable blast of tartness, followed by a sweet, comforting finish.

For those who adore the classic taste of jelly beans but crave a sour twist, "Jelly Belly Sours Jelly Beans" are a dream come true. Each bean is a tiny explosion of sour power, masterfully balanced with Jelly Belly's signature gourmet flavors to create a sour-sweet experience unlike any other.

"Skittles Candy Sour Flavors" take the beloved rainbow to a new dimension of taste, where each color leads to a surprising sour sensation that complements the iconic fruity flavors of Skittles, making every handful a thrilling mystery tour for your taste buds.

"Sour Patch Kids" and "Sour Patch Watermelons" need no introduction. These beloved candies start sour and turn sweet, embodying the quintessential sour candy experience with their mischievous, mouth-watering magic.

"Sour Punch Bites Pickle Roulette" and "Sour Punch Straws Strawberry" offer a different take on sour, with a chewy texture and an intense flavor that punches above its weight. The Pickle Roulette adds an adventurous twist, inviting you to take a chance on a tangy pickle surprise among the fruity bites.

"Sweetart Ropes" combine the tender chew of candy ropes with the tangy taste of Sweetarts, creating a delectable fusion that's both innovative and irresistibly tasty, while "Toxic Waste Nuclear Fusion" and "Toxic Waste Sour Smog Balls" push the boundaries of sourness to the limit, daring you to venture into the extreme zones of tartness.

Last but not least, "Warheads Sour! Taffy 2-1" wraps up our sour symphony with a uniquely chewy texture and a dual-layer of sour and sweet, delivering a finale that's as explosive as it is enjoyable.

The Lil City Creamery's "Sour Candy Gift Box" is more than just a collection of candies; it's an adventure, a challenge, and a celebration of all things sour, lovingly assembled for those who dare to explore the thrilling edge of sweetness. Whether as a gift for a fellow sour aficionado or a personal treat, this box is a ticket to a fun-filled journey through the world of sour candies. So, pucker up and prepare for an unforgettable taste experience that only Lil City Creamery can provide!

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