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We Feature one of Oprah's "Yums"

Since 1796
Woodside Farm Creamery


The ice cream at Woodside Farm Creamery in Hockessin comes in 25-plus divine flavors, like pink Peppermint Chip; Motor Oil, coffee with swirls of caramel and fudge and Dirt, a chocolate base with gummy worms in crushed Oreo "soil." The 221-year-old farm's Jersey cows produce milk high in butterfat, and Woodside's ice cream maestros whip minimal air into the mix. The result: a singularly rich treat.

By the way, this is the Ice Cream we Feature at Lil City Creamery. One of Oprah's "Yums" I call it. The Best Thing to Eat In Every State was a feature of the Oprah Winfrey show.

The article states "Vacation meals should be as glorious as your vacation. Our state-by-state guide is an invitation to savor the most delicious tastes near and far".

I'm always reminded how Truly Blessed we are.

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